Links - Artists/Colleagues/Friends

Jeff Parrott
Derek Alexander
Cindy Rangel
Matt Smith
Nico Corrao
Brian Erice
Joe Brogno
Scott Denton
William Antell
Keith Lango - THE FARGIN MAN!
Joe Sandstrom
Nick Whitmire
Brian Whitmire
Jon Robbins
Ryan Watson
Xavier Garcia
Ken Norman
Marcus Scarsella

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Resources - Forums-O-Goodness!

Concept Art.Org Forums
Eatpoo Forums
Animation World Network
Highend 3D
3D Spy
3D Surfer
Google - Use it

Sites I like, dagnabbit!

Evil Smurfs | Gaming Community!! It's Dot Com!
VgCats - amazing comic
It's Penny Arcade
NEWGROUNDS! It's a Flash Portal
Something Awful makes me chuckle
Got Futurama? Cuz they sure do!
Myspace? .. yeah I'm on it
Dane Cook is one silly 'b'
DailyDancer - For the DanceOff in all of us!
Google - Because I love it that much

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I'll be adding more soon.

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